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who we are

Victim Investigations Co LLC is a premiere company established in 2018 to serve the public with our expertise and knowledge. We may be newly formed, but our employees and staff have extensive experience in research, collection of evidence, and professionalism in presenting the findings to the clients. We are insured and licensed, and continue to learn new techniques by continuing our ongoing work and training. 

We hold memberships to the Ohio Association of Security and Investigative Services (OASIS) and the Florida Association of Private Investigators. Our staff is constantly improving skills by attending seminars and training classes. 

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Our principal and owner holds a Bachelor of Arts from The Ohio State University in Anthropology. She learned criminal investigation and forensics in her classwork. She has worked in the field of debt collection for over 20 years, which has included collecting on a wide variety of debts, including student loans, funeral expenses, bad checks, auto loan deficiencies, medical bills, and mortgage loan deficiencies. Her collections took her not only to the phones to contact customers, but also to knocking on doors to sit down with them, and even court to defend her employers and sue people for their non-payment. Her extensive research into debtor's physical locations, employment for wage garnishment, and locating assets for attachment, prompted her to start looking into the field of Private Investigation. In doing so, she has had successes in locating hidden assets and encouraging people to make payment to their creditors to avoid losing those assets. 

Because we are woman-owned, and family staffed, we understand the need for not only answers, but also the need for assurance of stability in the family. We have had success in infidelity cases, and also in child custody disputes. We understand that these cases are delicate in nature, and require the utmost of discretion. 

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