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where do we work?

Our research skills are honed to a perfection in every one of the United States. Some information is limited in certain states, as they are not as forthcoming in divulging to us, but we try our best to find all of the information you need. We do have international contacts that we can work with in the event our research shows your person has moved out of the US. 

We are currently licensed only in the state of Ohio for physically investigating, in other words, trailing someone, interviewing witnesses, etc. Although we have extensive knowledge and expertise in the Columbus and surrounding areas, including side streets and short-cuts, we have worked and will work in all areas of the state. 


Even with the current state of things in our world, we have not stopped working. We have updated many of our standard daily procedures to include safety precautions, but we are still doing most of our work, as usual. If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to ask. We can accommodate most requests. 

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