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What we do

We operate with integrity, professionalism, and confidentiality with all of our clientele. 

Our Services

Person or Asset Location

Whether you've lost touch with an old high school friend, or want to reconnect with an old flame, sometimes we need a little bit of help to find them. This is actually our specialty, as we have been doing this for much longer than any other service. If you've received a judgment against a person or a company, and you need to know how you can possibly collect on it, let us help you find what assets you might be able to attach. 

Insurance or Fraud Investigation

Sometimes a business has an accident happen on work time, but they don't necessarily think it should have resulted in thousands of dollars of medical bills. We can look into it for them or for you-the injured worker, by interviewing witnesses, reviewing medical records and x-ray reports, looking at the working conditions and layout of the area. We can then make a recommendation to the employer, the employee trying to prove his case, or the attorney who needed a little bit more information to prove their case either way.

Background Search

Need us to look into a new employee to verify their experience? How about that new love that seems too good to be true? Let us do the research for you. No need to get your hands dirty in digging up their past.

Marital Infidelity Review

If you have a feeling there is something going on, we can help you discover the truth. Whether or not there really is, wouldn't it be nice to have the answers, instead of your mind running wild with nefarious plots and ideas? 

Child Custody Disputes

If you are going through a divorce, we understand the need for both parents to attempt to get custody. We can help you find out if your soon-to-be ex- is spending the time they should be with your children when it's their time. The most important aspect of this is the kids. Are they being taken care of, and are they being treated fairly in all of this? 

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Process Service

If you need service perfected against your defendant in your case, we can help you. Included in our base price, we will attempt 3 times in Franklin County to successfully serve your paperwork. If you are in a surrounding county to Franklin, there is a small surcharge added for travel time. 


There are times that surveillance is needed. This could be done for a variety of reasons. We will explore other options before doing this kind of information gathering, as sometimes, there are limitations to using this as an option. At times, a GPS tracker might be a better option, although there are legal limits on this type of investigation. We are up-to-date on technology and the knowledge needed to keep everything able to be used in documentation for court or use in testifying. 

DNA Testing

In connection with Advanced Paternity and Advanced Medical Services, our staff has been trained to obtain DNA to be submitted to the lab for analysis. This can be for paternity testing, ancestry information, or for evidence collection. Our staff is well-versed on the chain of custody and proper handling of these specimens. We also have a mobile unit available to come to you for the collection of the DNA. 

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