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Our owner has been involved with Little Bottoms Free Store since it opened. They are open every Thursday evening, and it's hard to find a Thursday that she isn't volunteering her time here. 


Celebrate One is in a close relationship with Little Bottoms. They give their people to volunteer, their time to support us, and their help in finding resources for our members and guests. Little Bottoms team and our owner can be found at many west side Celebrate One events too. 


Our owner and her family have been working with Peace for Paws Ohio for over 3 years. They foster failed their most recent pup, Annie. She is a sweet and wonderful girl. 


Columbus Mother's Day Brunch for families affected by Homelessness. For the third year, out owner is part of a committee that plans a brunch on Mother's Day for homeless mothers and their families, in connection with the Columbus Coalition for the Homeless. Of course, the brunch, itself has not been possible in 2020 or 2021, but we are still putting together gift bags for the mothers and dropping them off at the shelters on Mother's Day. 


For 5 years now, our owner and her daughter have taken part in GISH. This is the Greatest Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Known. It is a good way to meet new people, but it's main intention is to get everyone out there and providing back to the community in many different ways. 


On any given day, you will most likely find our owner doing something in or around Franklinton. She has found that service in this area is needed, and is fulfilling to her in more ways than she can describe. Whether it's helping to plan a community event, handing out backpacks to school kids, walking a 5k (yeah right, if you see her running-you better run too), or just sitting on the patio at BrewDog with her foster pup, she can be found here meeting people and doing what she can for the area. 

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